As technology advances and user experience improves, so too does the popularity of online education. It’s been proven to be a successful method of learning and offers a number of different benefits. It offers Connects students and teachers internationally, Offers flexible learning hours, Considers individual learning patterns and Provides students with more control over their learning.

We developed an online education platform for an US-based Education Organization. 

Design & Features

As technology’s role in society as a whole continues to evolve, a flexible Learning Management System is critical to meeting the needs of today’s modern learner.
So we developed a complete learning management system keeping in mind
ease-of-use, responsive, fast and efficient working. Some features are:

  • It provides a central learning hub to connect eLearning tools and simplify the teaching and learning process.
  • With its functionality and plugin capabilities, it offers an engaging and effective eLearning experience for students of all ages.
  • It allows for unique learning methods such as gamification, competency-based education, mobile learning, accessible gradebooks, interactive online classrooms, and much more.
  • Due to its inherent flexibility and easy-to-use interface, it can be used to reach a wide range of needs.
  • It provides complete report and progress to students as well as to the respective teachers to give an idea about each individual's performance.
  • It is completely secure.
  • It is scalable as per requirement.

Technology Stack:

Education Platform

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