A Ketogenic, or Keto diet, is a low carbohydrate diet that some people use for weight loss or to reduce body fat percentage. The diet is high in fats, moderate in proteins, and very low in carbohydrates.

We developed a Keto diet app on Android platform for an India-based client. We designed and built up the app from scratch as per the client's idea and requirements.

Design & Features

The basic idea was to develop an android app that will help its users in following a strict Keto diet, track progress, provide all the relevant information, motivate to follow the diet and engage in like-minded Keto community. Some feature of app are:

  • This app allows people to track their macros and true net carbs (the number of carbs that the body absorbs), subtracting sugar alcohols and fiber. The app alerts someone if they go over their limits on specific macros.
  • People are able to join a Keto community and connect with friends to share their progress.
  • They are able to track weight, exercise, calories, and water.
  • Personalization allows those who wish to create their own recipes and personalize their macros.
  • QR Code Scanner can scan the QR code of food items so that they can better control the number of calories that they consume.
  • There are also many additional features, such as diet articles, forums, and weekly challenges.
  • Paid subscription and Pro features for generating revenue for client.

Technology Stack:

Keto App

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